OzRadar5 - view on android market
(Replaces OzRadar 3.1)

Android Mobile Phone App for Android 2.2 and later

Australian rain radar viewer.

Shows you where the rain is with GPS, moving images and zoom controls.

Simple and easy to use.
OzRadar5 displays the most recent weather radar (rain) images for a selected location. It shows a map of your area with an overlay of the rain radar images.
OzRadar5 NEEDS a 3G or WIFI connection - or images take too long to load.
OzRadar5 shows moving rain images for the last 20min/half hour.
The app opens straight up into the last selected location. (Images are usually updated every 10 minutes).
The map can be zoomed in and out and can be dragged around the screen.
The image is copyright Australian Bureau of Meteorology.



Two image sizes are available - 128km radius and 512km radius.
The UT time is shown at the bottom of the image - add the time offset for your location to this to see the local time of the image.
eg. sydney=+10, perth=+8 :so UT:0210 = 12:10 sydney, 10:10 perth.
For quickest display, it is preferable to be on a wifi connection.
Add it to your home page and it is there at a moments notice to check with just the touch of a finger.



The Perth WA image is the initial default.
Select your own State via the 'menu' button (or icon) -
The radar locations in your state will then be displayed.
Tap on the one nearest you and your map will be displayed.
The last location selected will then be the default location and will always show up when you start the app. (until you change it again).
The 128km and 512km buttons are alternative coverage distances of the radar.
Tap on one to load that image (128km is the default).
If you have a touch screen, you can pinch, expand and drag the image to get a closer look at a location.
NOTE AGAIN: The images need a WIFI or 3G connection to get an acceptable loading speed.